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The Benefits of Double Glazing in Wellington Homes

The southerly winds make Wellington homes seem colder than they actually are, especially during winter. A home with ill-fitted or improper windows is also a precursor to many health issues. Let's look at how you can keep yourself and your family healthy and warm, and save money on your energy bills, by installing double glazed windows.

Research shows that insulated homes are dramatically better for the health of the inhabitants, as opposed to cold homes. Dampness, condensation and a cold atmosphere can harbour mildew and mould that are known to be responsible for a range of health conditions from allergies to asthma.

It does not come as a surprise that one of the highest incidence rates of respiratory disorders among OECD countries is in New Zealand, and it is especially prevalent due to the cold and damp atmosphere at homes. By installing double glazing and improving the insulation in your home you cut down on all those expensive medical visits and lead a healthier life.

Timber window frames may bring a rustic appeal to your exterior, but they are also easily susceptible to wear and tear. Particularly, given the weather conditions in Wellington, excess moisture can cause your frames to rot and disintegrate over time. Excess moisture also leads to dampness and condensation which can cause mould to grow on the walls, and other surfaces, of your home. Condensation will also lower the temperature of your room making your heater work overtime to maintain a warm temperature in your home.

One way to eliminate condensation in your Wellington home is by installing double glazed windows. These windows feature a much more advanced thermal insulation wherein an inert gas is sandwiched between the two glass layers. The result is air-tight windows that block any outward heat flow, while preventing condensation as well. This in turn keeps your home dry, warm and comfortable.

Retro-fitted double glazed windows in Wellington

Double-glazed windows can make a seamless addition to your home interiors. They offer the same look and feel of single-glazed windows, only with greater warmth and comfort. Retro-fitting double glazed windows to your Lower Hutt home means you get the great benefits of double glazing without disrupting the design or style of your interiors. The professional team at High Performance Windows will note down the measurements of the single-glazed window at your home.

The retro-fit double glazing is then fabricated at their facility to the same dimensions as your single-glazed unit, so it can be installed speedily causing minimum inconvenience to your everyday activities. It is also far more economical as it does not call for a full-fledged installation of window fixtures, just simply the installation of the retrofitted unit. The High Performance Windows team will carry out a site evaluation to determine the most adept solution for your home windows and present you with choices to match your budget.

If your home has old, worn-out timber windows, now is the time to consider replacing them with cost-effective functional double-glazed windows, before the winter season starts. Visit the High Performance Windows website at www.hpw.co.nz for a free measure and quote to retrofit your Wellington windows and doors with double glazing.

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